The territory of the Montefeltro characterises the northern part of the Marche, but it also extends in part into Romagna and Tuscany. It is an area rich in art, culture and tradition, surrounded by beautiful hills. Here you will find a less invasive urbanisation than the rest of the region, with little known villages and monasteries to be discovered.
Thanks to the 1 day itinerary, you will find all the treasures of Montefeltro. Start your adventure in an uncontaminated, wild land with a thousand surprises.


Less than 15 minutes from Monte Grimano is the first stage of the route, Monte Cerignone, built on a rock spur, where the characteristic paved streets rise up to the Rocca Feltresca. It then passes from the ancient village of Macerata Feltria to go to Sassocorvaro, which is important for the Rocca degli Ubaldini and in the shape of a tortoise.
The itinerary continues towards the city of Urbania, which in the past was the summer residence of the Dukes of Montefeltro and today houses the Palazzo Ducale with the civic museum inside. Also not to be missed is the Chiesa dei Morti (Church of the Dead), custodian of 18 mummies, each with its own history and mysteries.
The journey continues towards Sant'Angelo in Vado, characterised by numerous churches including the Domus del Mito and a beautiful medieval village.
Passing through Fortino and its wonderful fourteenth-century bell tower covered with ivy, you reach Carpegna. The village lies at the foot of the mountain of the same name, immersed in an evocative environment. It is an obligatory stop if you are a lover of local products. In fact, the famous prosciutto Carpegna DOP is produced here, and is a real delicacy. 
After a few kilometres, you arrive at Pennabilli, a small centre that is very attentive to art and hosts a Street Artists Festival of international renown, the famous national antiques exhibition and "Mateureka", the museum of calculation and mathematics.
Passing through Novafeltria and Secchiano you then reach San Leo. The village stands on a high rock overlooking the valley and is surrounded by a Renaissance fortress. The fortress on its summit is considered one of the most beautiful and important in Italy.
The itinerary ends by returning to Monte Cerignone after having enjoyed a unique experience, through the beautiful hills and the magical villages of Montefeltro. This one-day tour that will leave you with one wish - to come back.