Born in Pesaro in 1792, Gioacchino Rossini was an Italian composer and the author of numerous works that made him famous beyond the national borders. His career began at a very young age, as a writer of comic operas, gaining him unexpected appreciation and an ascent to very fast success.
But beyond his famous works, what is his link to the Italian territory? And his second love? Discover the nuances of an ironic, determined artist with great charm.


The sources of talent
Rossini had a great passion for music since childhood thanks to his parents. In fact, his father was a musician in the village band, while his mother was a singer who had a short career in the entertainment world. He therefore inherited a true love for music that led him to enrol at the musical high school in Bologna, where he intensely studied artists from around the world, especially the works of Haydn and Mozart.
His debut took place in 1810 at the age of 18, when he staged the farce "La cambiale di matrimonio" in a small theatre in Venice. But he had to wait another two years for his first real success, which came with the opera "La pietra del paragone", written for La Scala.
Rossini's music is immediately noticeable for its rhythmic frenzy, the clever use of orchestration, the particular attention to harmonic details and the comic use of words. This artistic brilliance brought a breath of innovation compared to the styles of the eighteenth-century opera composers.
His most famous works include "Il barbiere di Siviglia", "La gazza ladra", "La cenerentola", "Semiramide" and "Guglielmo Tell".


His second love: cooking
"Appetite is for the stomach what love is for the heart". This is how Rossini loved to define his second big passion: cooking. A famous composer of music but also an expert in the culinary field, he created seven recipes including macaroni alla Rossini and spaghetti alla Scala. He loved to experiment on the hobs. Starting from already known dishes, he added, modified and created new harmonies of flavours.
But what is the best companion of a good dish? A great wine. In fact, Rossini was also an expert oenologist. He knew the nuances, aromas and processing methods of many wines, to create perfect food pairings.


In short, Rossini was an exceptional character who gave us timeless lyrics, innovative recipes and unique anecdotes. He is an artist who is still very much loved today, and in Pesaro he is remembered with great affection, especially in August when the Rossini Opera Festival is celebrated.


Il barbiere di Siviglia - Apertura

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