Historic center of Sirmione

The very second you see Sirmione for the first time, you'll be enchanted by its beauty, the sense of magic that the Passeggiata delle Muse (the Muse's Path) manages to convey, or the charm of the Catullo Caves. But there is much more to discover in the peninsula of Garda Lake. Alongside architectural and panoramic beauty, tourists from all over the world come to appreciate the typical food and wine delights, the famous and historic thermal spa and the local craftsmanship. These three elements are the foundation of the local tradition and culture, and they are also why Sirmione has become the pearl of Garda Lake.


A true tourist attraction for many, the Sirmione thermal baths have become famous for the healing properties of the water. The water originates in the basin of Mount Baldo at over eight hundred metres above sea level, and then descends down to two thousand metres below sea level. There it is enriched with minerals and its temperature reaches 69 degrees Celsius. Thanks to this path, the thermal water contains sulfur and trace elements that make it famous for its curative and preventive properties that help respiratory tract disorders, treat rheumatic diseases and aid in motor rehabilitation.
As if that was not enough, Sirmione has three thermal spa hotels and a beautiful wellness centre, Aquaria, which is located right in the heart of the historic centre, immersed within a green park of over 6500 square metres. Indoor and outdoor thermal pools are available here. A unique place surrounded by the splendid panorama of Garda Lake, offering everything you need to regenerate and find serenity and beauty. And for those who cannot come directly to Sirmione, its water is available in pharmacies so that they can take advantage of the benefits every day.


Sirmione does not only emanate sulfur, but also artisan ice cream, wine and oil. In 1967 Lugana wine obtained the controlled origin denomination, which is proof of the historical and inseparable link between this product and its territory. The first sip immediately reveals its excellence: a fresh, citrus flavour is accompanied by floral and almond notes to satisfy and delight the palate.
Olive oil is another pillar of the local traditions. Olive trees can be found in every part of the peninsula, and some are even centuries-old. They have been bound by rigid production rules since 2013 in order to maintain their high quality, preserving the plant in its natural beauty. Characterized by delicate aromas of artichoke and green almond, it is appreciated for its balance or bitterness and spiciness.


Despite shopping malls, supermarkets and online shopping, Sirmione still has local shops. In fact, they are one of the secrets of the the town's magic, as all visitors sense their charm. Keeping the quality up to date with the times is the key to the success of these stores, which are one of a kind. Thanks to them, you can bring home some of the magic of this peninsula. Because shopping in Sirmione is still an all-around fascinating experience, as you are not simply purchasing a product, but the history of an entire town.
Shopping among the boutiques of the village where the Bond-girl Andress did her rounds attracts many tourists. Also, during the week, the markets on the lake-shore are the perfect opportunity for those who want to find all kinds of items at favourable prices.


In short, Sirmione is the ideal destination for combining holidays, shopping and total relaxation. Its history, landscape and spas are three good reasons to get away from the chaos of daily life and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

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