Aquaria Thermal SPA

The Sirmione Baths on Garda Lake are some of the most important thermal spas in Italy. At the forefront for care, treatment, well-being and professionalism, it attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its enchanting and captivating landscape.
The thermal spa facilities are divided between the two thermal centres Virgilio and Catullo, the Aquaria Thermal SPA and four hotels: the five-star Grand Hotel Terme, the four-star Hotel Sirmione e Promessi Sposi and Hotel Acquaviva del Garda and the three-star Hotel Fonte Boiola. Everything to satisfy your needs, to let you enjoy your all-around wellness experience and to let yourself be pampered in a one of a kind spa centre.


The source's discovery dates back to more than 125 years ago, in 1889, thanks to the diver Procopio who went deep down in search of the famous source.
The water of the Sirmione Baths makes an incredible journey that enriches it with all its properties.  Its origins date back to about 10,000 years ago: rain fell from the sky into the basin of Mount Baldo at over 800 metres above sea level, then the water infiltrated the rock descending to 2,500 metres below sea level, becoming enriched with mineral substances and increasing in temperature, to then exit after a 20-year journey. This circuit still continues today with rainwater that feeds the inexhaustible cycle.
Sirmione's thermal water is classified as mineral water that is bacteriologically pure and hyperthermal, because it flows at 69 °C. Based on its characteristics, the water is identified as containing sulfur, bromide and iodine. It combines the properties of sulfur water and bromide and iodine waters, conferring therapeutic actions that involve the entire body and in particular the respiratory, osteoarticular, circulatory, skin and gynaecological systems.


Health is the heart of thermal medicine. The Sirmione Baths have a long history, in which they have always been improved and refined. Today, they offer personalized and innovative health and well-being services for the whole family, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant treatment programs that make the sulfur, bromide and iodine water unique and precious for many chronic degenerative diseases. Prevention, care and rehabilitation: Sirmione's Baths are a health centre that welcomes you and accompanies you in achieving physical and mental well-being.
You will also be helped by professional, prepared staff who can offer you the best possible service thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and products. Specialist medical examinations, diagnostic examinations, cures, comprehensive checkups and programs are among the new proposals to take complete care of your health and well-being.


This spa centre is envied worldwide, and is focused and designed entirely to take care of you. A pearl in the heart of Garda Lake surrounded by infinite natural and cultural wonders, for an even more unforgettable and unique stay. Your well-being awaits.