for 5 people:
• 5 necks of ocio (or duck)
• about 800 gr. minced pork or veal
• 6 eggs
• 100 gr. of cheese
• garlic, parsley, nutmeg

The stuffed goose neck was often prepared as a delicacy destined for celebrations, but also for the so-called threshing "benfinita", the lunch that marked the end of the work in the fields.


1. Prepare the filling for the neck with the ingredients listed below
2. Take the outer skin of the neck and fill it.
3. Tie and sew everything, then boil for about an hour and a half in the broth prepared with the inside of the neck. Serve hot


As this is a particularly savoury dish, the must-have beverage is a Red Wine of Montepulciano DOC or, better still, a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG. 

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