portrait of Piero Calamandrei

Piero Calamandrei (1889 - 1956) is considered one of the founders of the fatherland, as a member of the National Council and of the Constituent Assembly, and active participant in the parliamentary work of the Election Committee of the commission of inquiry and the Constitution Commission. In addition to this, he was a national academic of the Lincei.

A person with a great deal of culture and academic learning, as he was a jurist and constitutionalist, who found peace in Monte Pulciano in touch with nature that was able to recharge his batteries and bring him serenity. Here he wrote his famous "Inventory of the country house", in which an unusual Calamandrei talks about his childhood, his approach to the secrets of writing, his passion for plants and animals; all with a simple language, avoiding technical terms, on a journey back into his oldest memories.

On the 50th anniversary of the death of Calamandrei, Monte Pulciano wanted to dedicate a "cloth" of the Bravìo to him; an honour that here is equivalent to a knightly investiture, but in this case it is only the testimony of deep affection not only for the jurist but also and above all for the man who deeply loved this land and its inhabitants.

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