black truffle of Montefeltro

Besides the artistic and naturalistic beauties, the hills of Montefeltro are an area particularly suitable for the production of truffles. These species of mushrooms are real treasures both in terms of their cost and for the palate. Known above all for their organoleptic properties, including their aroma and flavour, they manage to give that extra touch to every dish.
They produce different varieties throughout the year in this area, each with its own characteristics. We can find the White Truffle, the Superior Black Truffle, the Scorzone and the Bianchetto here.


The white truffle is the largest, most highly prized and expensive truffle. It can take different shapes depending on the soil it is in, but the outer rind is always smooth and yellow-whitish. The typical intense aroma gives dishes an unmistakable flavour, especially if eaten raw.
It is harvested in autumn from September to December.


The superior black truffle is intense in colour and round in shape. While the exterior is rough, the taste is delicious enough for it to be called the "sweet black truffle". Its taste and delicate aroma make it suitable for first courses or fillings that will leave your guests in awe.
It is picked in winter, from November to March.


The Scorzone is harvested from June to August, which is why it is called "summer". It is less valuable than the previous one, but its flavour is up to the same standard. In the kitchen, it is used cut or grated with the addition of mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil.


The Bianchetto Truffle is less appreciated than the famous white version and is therefore less expensive. Harvested from January to April, its taste is quite strong and a little spicy. It is recommended in small quantities.


The truffle has been the symbolic product of these lands since ancient times, when the Sumerians discovered their irresistible taste. These little treasures reach dinner tables thanks to the truffle hunters, a job that makes this exquisite product even more magical.

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