cheeses from Camonica Valley

Valle Camonica cheeses are the result of experience and skills acquired over many years of history and tradition. In the mountain valleys, as in any other place, man has learnt to optimise the use of the available resources. So it was for thanks to animals like cows, goats or sheep that in these places are valued for their resources, such as milk. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of life of these animals, they are able to offer unique products with an unmistakable taste.


Once,  butter was very popular and expensive, we tended to skim the milk in order to obtain leaner cheeses with a greenish colour. To overcome this problem a pinch of saffron was added to the milk: this spice, in addition to giving the typical flavour, gives the cheese a yellow colour.
The Silter, the name derives from the room in which it is aged, has this characteristic. It is a semi-cooked cheese, made exclusively from fresh  milk that is placed in tanks at controlled temperature for surfacing and is thus partially skimmed. In the fresh Silter, the paste is a pale straw-colour and has a taste that is very reminiscent of the taste of milk. With the passing of the months the aroma and the flavour become more intense, maintaining an extraordinary balance even when, after advanced ageing, the taste becomes more full-bodied and slightly spicy.


Casolet or Cadolèt is a raw cheese that is obtained before the milk is surfaced and is partially skimmed.  The fresh cheese is white, while the more mature cheese tends towards an ivory colour. The aroma is characteristic and the taste is sweet and delicate. The Casolet was traditionally the most consumed cheese in the farmer's family and was tasted eaten fresh or seasoned, but above all it was used for the preparation of some typical, simple but extraordinary dishes, like the stachèt (Casolet melted in butter with scrambled eggs).


Rosa Camuna is a newly created cheese. This product is obtained from semi-skimmed milk by centrifuge and subjected to pasteurisation. It has a shape that recalls that of the four-leaf clover and is inspired by the famous Rosa Camuna, as the image is found among the many rock engravings of Valle Camonica and officially adopted as a symbol of the Lombardy Region is called. The Rosa Camuna is ivory, soft and slightly elastic, with a characteristic and intense fragrance of butter, but more delicate tasting.


Valle Camonica cheeses contain years and years of local tradition and culture. They are the symbols of a history deeply rooted in the territory and testimony of the link between man and nature. More reasons to taste them all and not to forget even one.

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