liquor of genziana


  • 40 g of dried gentian root
  • 1 liter of dry white wine
  • 6 g of coffee beans
  • Half cinnamon stick
  • A bay leaf
  • The rind of half a lemon not treated
  • 300 g. of pure alcohol for liqueurs


Liquore di genziana is a digestive liquor highly appreciated not only for the quality of overcoming even the most seasoned lamb, but especially for its bitter and dry taste. We must remember, however, that gentian is a protected species, so to prepare this recipe we can go to the herbalist and not ruin the enchanting flora of Abruzzo.


1. Get a tightly sealed glass container
2. Infuse the root with all the aromas and cover with the wine
3. Close tightly and let it rest for a minimum of 40 days
4. Re-open the container and filter the wine through a liquor filter paper
5. At this point add the sugar, stirring well until it is completely dissolved
6. Finally add the alcohol


The gentian liqueur is thus ready, but to savour it at best, it is necessary to wait a few weeks. The taste will be worth the wait.

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