The Val d'Ossola is divided into seven valleys, one more beautiful than the other. Among these the Valle Antigorio-Formazza is rich in natural and artistic beauty. Here you will find the oldest Walzer colony, 145 metre high waterfalls, fascinating monuments and a natural environment to explore. Here are five places you must not miss if you pass through this region.


The parish church of San Gaudenzio has always been one of the most visited and appreciated religious buildings in the Valley, so much so that it was proclaimed a national historic monument. The structure stands on a rocky outcrop from which it dominates the whole landscape. Surrounded by a lovely garden, the building is wonderful both from the outside, with the rosette of 1505, and from the inside, with numerous works of art including the sixteenth-century frescoes that decorate the walls. In the evening the church lights up generating a magical and spiritual atmosphere at the same time.


The Orridi di Uriezzo are deep gorges carved into the rock by the persistent force of the streams. Today they are dry and easy to visit. They are the testimony of the passage of time and the beauty of nature that has shaped these places over the centuries, making them unique. Interesting is also the complex ecosystem inside them where you can see mosses and flints capable of adapting to difficult environmental conditions.


In the heart of the Alps lies a pristine paradise for alpine vegetation and fauna: the Alpe Veglia-Devero Nature Park. If you are an experienced hiker or simply want to enjoy a nature walk, here you will find over 60 walks, from the easiest to the most challenging. Also in the midst of this enchanted atmosphere you can taste the typical traditional flavours, thanks to numerous restaurants scattered around the park.


Formazza is the oldest Walzer colony south of the Alps. Its origins date back to the twelfth century when a group of shepherds of German origin, coming from the Canton of Valais, settled peacefully in this region. Since then they have handed down their language, customs, traditions and typical architecture from generation to generation. Discover the folklore of an ancient population that you can only find here.


The impressive Toce waterfall will leave you speechless. With a drop of 145 metres, it is the symbol of the Valley and is considered the most beautiful and majestic among the waterfalls of the Alps. Set at 1,657 m above sea level between the mountains of the upper Valle Formazza and surrounded by pastures, rocks and coniferous forests, it offers a unique setting for every visitor. In addition, the Riale plain, the dam and the Morasco lake around the waterfall offer many opportunities for interesting excursions as far as the Swiss border.

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