The Spa of Premia Terme rises in the mountains and the natural parks of the Val d'Ossola. A modern structure with innovative technologies and treatments, inaugurated in 2008. Immersed in a heavenly place, it is the ideal opportunity to unwind from the daily stresses and indulge in a well-deserved rest among the natural beauty and the benefits of spa water.
A holiday that is also suitable for the whole family thanks to healing and recreational spa facilities also suitable for children.


The thermal waters of the Premia spring gush out at 44° C and are classified as hyperthermal calcium sulfate. Thanks to these characteristics they are suitable for many types of treatments. In particular they are indicated for respiratory diseases with specific inhalation treatments and the possibility of micronised showers. On the other hand, for arthro-rheumatic and dermatological complaints, balneotherapy with immersion in thermal water at 38° C is very effective, a real panacea against skin ageing. Finally the vascular path on pebbles with tanks at alternating temperatures is indicated for the circulatory system.


The spa of Premia Terme offers many possibilities for relaxation and fun. Immersing yourself in its waters is always a magical experience. The pool area will give you both physical and mental well-being with whirlpools and cervical jets that ease pain and relax the nervous system. As you regenerate yourself with these sensations, the children will be playing in the area reserved for them with slides and lots of games even for those who are not yet able to swim.
But if you want to enjoy the view of the Val d'Ossola, the outdoor thermal pools are the place for you. Open all year, they will give you an unforgettable experience combining natural beauty and wellness.
Also in Premia Terme you can feel lighter. Tones muscles, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation with the vascular path. A walk in a long and narrow pool, divided into hot and cold water sections, with pebbles that create a natural and physiological foot massage.


If you want to complete a perfect holiday, try the wellness centre of Premia Terme. Saunas, Turkish baths, emotional showers, jet baths and massages will combine all the benefits of warmth and relaxation for total well-being.