The Terme di Bognanco is a spa in the countryside, far from everyday stress. Located at 700 metres of altitude, they are surrounded by a pristine mountain landscape, with chestnut and fir woods. A corner of paradise among the beautiful valleys of Piedmont where you can relax, indulge in a well-deserved rest and think about your well-being.
A modern centre and a professional staff will follow you along your path with cures and treatments tailored to you. Recharge your batteries, refresh your mind and enjoy a peaceful stay at the Terme di Bognanco.


Tradition has it that in 1863 a girl, drinking from the spring, mistook thermal water for liquor due to the tingling feeling. She immediately ran to confide in the parish priest who, having analysed the water, took the opportunity to buy the land. Immediately after, other sources were discovered and the first commercial exchanges began with the name "Acqua Gazosa di Bognanco".
At the beginning of the 1900s the product and the whole company had a great growth and its fame spread in Italy and beyond. Taking advantage of the favourable moment, a large spa and several hotels were built and sales also expanded abroad as far as America.
In the early 2000s the structure was completely renovated and refurbished and to date, with over 150 years of history, the Baths of Bognanco boast more than 20,000,000 visitors.


Despite the many thermal waters in Italy, those of Bognanco are distinguished by their chemical, chemical-physical and pharmacological properties. There are three types and each with its own characteristics.
Ausonia water flows at 700 metres and is called bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy. Thanks to the richness of bicarbonate, it stimulates gastric secretion, promoting digestion and preventing heartburn. Therefore it is referred to as table water.
The Gaudenzian water instead emerges at 1200 metres and is the most recently discovered among the three. Lightweight and low in sodium, it is recommended for the treatment of kidney and urinary tract problems. Even once bottled it does not lose its qualities so you can take advantage of its benefits even far from the spa.
Finally the San Lorenzo water is of bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy carbon and iron type and, unlike others with similar characteristics, has a good taste, is fresh and sparkling, thanks to the abundance of natural carbon dioxide. It is indicated for digestion, diseases of the stomach, duodenum, liver and biliary tract, small and large intestine.


The spa offers many possibilities to make the most of the benefits of these unique waters. Turkish bath, emotional showers, Finnish sauna, swimming pools and the revolutionary spastream (water massage), will complete your experience of relaxation and well-being.