Under gigantic plane trees and very tall pines, every summer the Antiche Terme Jacobelli becomes a stage for concerts, film screenings and awards, food and wine festivals, entertainment shows and conventions.
As a background to these event, there is always good lighting on the old grey tuff and terracotta wall, with its all-round arched windows, and the pools of the calcareous stone swimming pools of the structures dating back to 1867, the year the establishment was opened. The old dressing rooms are also from the same era, and can be visited in a more hidden area with personal baths of sulphurous water.
However, the rides where children play every day and the wide marble open space where they are entertained are all modern. The original snackbar was also modernised with the 2008 renovations. 
Little remains of the original splendour, but after 150 years the ruined structures and the imposing old trees of the avenue still possess an elegance that makes the Terme del Cavaliere Achille Jacobelli an enchanted and relaxing place for rediscovering yourself.
Declared a site of significant historical and artistic interest in 1989, the park was reopened for the first time in 1991, when, after completing the reclamation and construction of the first wooden furniture, the volunteers of Legambiente Valle Telesina began to welcome the inhabitants of the valley on Sundays in summer and offered them refreshments. In the following year, this was transformed into an event, Festambiente, which included festivals, exhibition stands, debates, projections and games, thus inaugurating that tradition that is now being carried out by other associations and by the municipality itself.

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