Near Siena you could find the cradle for your well-being. In these areas there is a millenary source of beneficial properties that finds its maximum expression in the Terme di Petriolo, a spa where you can find the harmony of body and mind.


The Baths of Petriolo date back to 1230, but some ruins dating back to the Roman era would have placed them even earlier, when even Cicero mentioned them in one of his speeches.
The spa then has an enviable history made even richer by the passage of many famous people who could not resist this heavenly place. Pope Pius II, Galeazzo Malatesta and the Duke of Urbino Federico III are just some of the prominent personalities who had the pleasure of staying in these lands and enjoying the benefits of its waters.
In fact, the treasure lies in the thermal spring that only needed a suitable center to be exploited to the fullest. Always in step with the times, the structure has been completely modernized with modern technologies and cutting-edge architectural lines.


The water of the Petriolo Bath flows at a temperature of 43 ° C and is characterized by the strong smell of sulfur due to the rich presence of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, the source is characterized by other beneficial substances such as calcium, fluorine and chloride, sulphate and hydrogen carbonate ions. In the classification of thermal waters it is fully part of the category of sulphuric, salt-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-hyperthermal waters.
The combination of these unique characteristics make the Petriolo thermal water particularly suitable for therapeutic treatments for various diseases or simply to regain energy and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.


Regenerate yourself at the Terme di Petriolo and rediscover the pleasure of being lulled.