the terracings of the lake Moro

A delightful alpine lake nestled in the hills of the Sorline and Rodino, dominated by the Pora and Altissimo mountains, Lake Moro is a natural pearl of fascinating beauty. Here you can enjoy the peace of nature in the large green area, take a boat trip or rent a pedal boat, go hiking or horseback riding or dive into its cool waters. Also in the small village of Capo di Lago, there is the Documentation Centre, which contains the recent archaeological surveys carried out in the Park area.
Along the route around the lake, the "Giorgio Gaioni" Observatory is worth a visit. For those wishing to discover something more about the local flora and fauna this is the ideal place and, on summer evenings, you can observe the starry sky with the telescope. A unique experience.


The Lake Moro area has many activities and interesting places. So you don't get lost among the many things to see, here are two itineraries made for you.
The first is called "Among chestnut groves and waterways". The route starts from the village of Montecchio, where you can admire the bridge over the river Oglio. Walk along the waterway and go up again to More to reach the Razziche area. At this point you go along the Valle delle Opifici surrounded by chestnut groves and green expanses, as far as the historical centre of Fucine, with the renovated Museo degli Alpini. After passing the village, the path leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte. From the adjacent meadow, you can enjoy a breathtaking view from the church.
The second itinerary "Among vineyards and olive trees", begins in the hamlet of Bessimo. Going up the old road you reach Anfurro and the small church of SS. Nazaro and Celso from which you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Valle Camonica. Once you reach the village of Capo di Lago, continue until you reach the Castle of Gorzone, overlooking the Dezzo stream. Then, along the "wine road", characterised by numerous terraces, we reach the Convent of the SS. Annunciata, the arrival point.


There are many legends related to the lake. The most famous narrates that once, instead of the lake, there was a large green stretch of land with two houses inhabited by two mothers, one was good and generous, but good, the other mean  and rich.
One day, a traveller who was passing through those areas, knocked at the door of the latter, to ask for some refreshment. But the woman chased him away. Then he turned to the other mother who immediately let him in and gave him something to eat.
Having regained his strength, the stranger left, but warned the woman that the place was cursed and she should leave to save herself. Believing his words, the woman and her son escaped from the clearing the following day. A short time later, an incessant rain hit and flooded those areas, including the home of the mean woman with her baby. The strong flood created the lake and from that moment it is said that on the nights of the full moon one still hears the cries of the child.


Furthermore, Lake Moro has two areas for archaeology enthusiasts to see: the Municipal Park of Luine and the archaeological site of Corni Freschi. A place for anyone who wants to rediscover the fascinating past of humanity, all within a natural landscape that is really worth it.

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