a view of Castello Cantelmo in Popoli

On the slopes of the Morrone rock surrounded by an enchanting natural landscape, stands the symbol of the city of Popoli, the Castello Cantelmo. Abruzzo is rich in these characteristic buildings that blend and interact with the surrounding landscape, bringing tourists and passers-by into a magical, fairytale reality.
Grand and fascinating with its height, the Castle of Popoli dominates the whole area and attracts anyone who passes through these areas. Aren’t you curious to know its history?


Popoli has ancient origins and to understand the history of its castle it is necessary to take a step back in time. Though it was founded so long ago, it cannot be said that the town has always had a well-defined urban structure. It only reached  that point in the thirteenth century when it became a point of conjunction of the trade network between L'Aquila, Florence and Naples. Precisely in its moment of maximum splendour, King Charles of Anjou decided to donate the village to one of his knights, for his services carried out in the military field. The lucky one was Giacomo Cantelmo, always at the side of the monarch.
However, the Castle was not built by the Cantelmo family. The structure is the result of the medieval fortification phenomenon. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the citizens were deprived of protection, so a structure was arranged that could guarantee them shelter in case of enemy attack.
With a triangular base and a tower for each vertex, it was built on very inclined terrain that made it difficult to build. On the other hand, it had a fundamental strategic and military importance.


As soon as you see the Castle from a distance, you think: "I wonder  what the view is like from up there". There are two ways to get up to its highest tower and they are suitable for both adults and children. Wear suitable equipment for hiking. The first route is the longest one and lasts about an hour. It starts along via Tiburtina Valeria where there is a parking lot to leave the cars. Then you start by following the various red and white signs indicating the whole 7 km long track.
The second route is easier and starts directly from Piazza dellaLibertà di Popoli. It lasts about 30 minutes and along a path you can easily get to the top of the Castle where the view will leave you speechless.


A return to the origins of a charming town like Popoli, to enjoy an enchanted landscape and take a fun stroll in company, surrounded by nature.

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