Located a little more than 30 minutes from Petriano is one of Italy'ss few gorges: the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve, which is a veritable canyon. Located in Acqualagna, in the direction of the Apennines, here the Candigliano river dug its bed between the Pietralata and Paganuccio mountains in a process that lasted hundreds of years.
Venture out to discover the secrets of this place, admire an unusual landscape and get involved in truly unique flora and fauna.

The river divides what once was a single massif and which today has left a deep rift in its path. At that point, the ancient Via Flaminia (Rome-Rimini) includes a 38-meter gallery, called "forulus" in the past and from which the name Furlo derives. The famous road was originally built by the Etruscans who were first who understood the importance of road networks for the economy. Two centuries later, it became the current Flaminia because the consul Flaminius had it all paved.
If you want to learn more about the history of this fascinating place, within the reserve there is the Museum of the Territory. It is divided into 5 rooms, with a route that leads between the historical and naturalistic beauties of Furlo.

In the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve, path 449 is an interesting route that leads to the refuge of the same name. You will venture into a wild environment to discover unforgettable landscapes.
It starts from the old road of Furlo, a few metres from the dam of the river Candigliano. The route immediately enters the forest, where a good slope begins, characteristic of most of the itinerary. After a few zig-zag curves, you come across a junction where you take the road to the right. Continuing on, the wood begins to thin out and we can slowly see the panorama of the gorge from above, with the overhanging walls and the dam. After the panoramic point, you will go along the Ri river, which we will cross twice by passing over two easy fords. From here on, the path starts to get slower and you can regain your strength for the last climb. Have completed this section, you arrive at the Terrazza del Furlo, where you are at a crossroads: on the left you reach the refuge, the final step of the path, passing through the "low terrace", while on the right you reach the "high terrace", a breathtaking panoramic point.

Gola del Furlo is a real adventure, with steep walls, wild nature and the splendid setting of the Apennines. Moreover, if you are lucky you can spot the golden eagle, which lives in these parts and is the symbol of this area.



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