The Terme di Telese hot springs are among the most renowned in the whole of Campania. Its waters have so many beneficial properties and were discovered after the earthquake of 1349, which caused it to emerge. Since then the fame of these thermal waters continued to grow, attracting more and more visitors.
Today the factory has modern and professional facilities and equipment, an excellent health organisation and areas of care and well-being for all your needs.
Let's discover the properties of this much appreciated thermal water together.

There is no evidence of the use of thermal water in Telese Terme until the famous earthquake of 1349 that destroyed the city and made it emerge. The first studies on their characteristics are dated to 1734, with the publication "De acidulis telesinis, dissertatio" by Tommaso Bruni. However, the establishment we know today is the result of the commitment and intuition of the Minieri family who, at the end of the 19th century, managed to get the contract. After a few years, the Grandi Stabilimenti Balneari di Telese (Great Bathing Establishments of Telese) were created. The heart of the structure was the large pavilion, the largest place in the park, where swimmers passed before and after bathing.
The thermal water of Telese Terme is also good and healthy for drinking. So the next improvement was the construction of the bottling plant that allowed it to be marketed first in the region, then in Italy and later also in the United States of America.

The thermal water of Telese Terme is a natural effervescent type that is sulphurous, calcic, magnesic and rich in mineral salts and bicarbonate. The active ingredients of these elements are suitable for treatment and prevention in pathological areas, rheumatology, angiology, otolaryngology, gynaecology, dermatology and gastroenterology.
Thermal water is also rich in carbon dioxide and this allows specific treatments in cardio-vascular activities. In fact, this characteristic promotes blood circulation, causing the dilatation of the capillaries. It is a true panacea!

You will enjoy all the benefits of unique thermal water, immersed in the verdant nature of the Parco delle Terme di Telese. This is an oasis of peace where you can devote yourself to rest and well-being.