Relive the past in a palace of other times, feel like you are part of a fairytale and return to your childhood when you see the many fountains. It is not a fantasy, but Villa d'Este, symbol of the Italian Renaissance and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Considered the most beautiful "Italian garden" in Europe, it amazes and enchants with its architecture and its scenery. A jewel to be seen.


Commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este, the historic governor of Tivoli in 1550, it was designed by architect Pirro Ligorio who had to overcome numerous construction problems. Creating a garden on the slope of the ancient Gaudente Valley was a 20-year-long enterprise. In addition to the problem of the conformation of the soil there was also the water that feeds the numerous fountains along an underground channel of more than 600 metres, coming directly from the river Aniene. Not a trivial task considering the means of the era.
Despite the difficulties, today we can still admire the fountains in all their beauty and a complex that extends for 4 hectares with the magnificent residential building in the centre.


Villa d'Este welcomes you immediately in its own style with a façade you cannot take your eyes off. Introduced by an avenue with a water course in which the villa is reflected, it is bordered by the Grand Lodge and the Fountain of Europe. Then you go inside, an interior that does not contradict the promises of the exterior that takes your breath away. Frescos, works of art and finely decorated rooms have always enchanted every visitor.
Back in the garden, you return to your childhood. Everything is a discovery here, including terraces, slopes, waterfalls, churches and beautiful fountains that create spectacular water features. There is even a cave named after the goddess Diana, completely decorated with mosaics. In the lower part of the garden we find one of the most popular areas of this paradise: the cypress roundabout. As the name says, it is surrounded by giant secular cypress trees, among the oldest specimens in Italy.
But one of the main reasons for the fame of Villa d'Este has always been the fountains. Each one different from the other and with its unique charm. The Fontana dell'Organo, which reproduces musical harmonies, or the Fontana dell'Ovato, a true architectural gem that concludes Viale delle Cento Fontane, will amaze you. Water shows that will leave you speechless.


Villa d'Este is all this. If you want to live like a fairytale and let yourself be enchanted by its architectural and scenic beauty, this is the place for you. 

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