the wagons of the Fano carnival

From Dante to Giotto, from Petrarca to Boccaccio, the fourteenth century was a century full of innovations, art and chocolate. Yes, because one of the oldest carnivals in Italy was created in 1347 - the Fano Carnival. Parades in a thousand colours, tall floats and a fairytale atmosphere have made this event unique. It is a real magnet for enthusiasts and onlookers, and every year it attracts thousands of people from all over Italy and beyond. What are you waiting for?

The floats of the Fano Carnival are real moving works of art. Throughout the year the master float builders, along with artists, operators and technicians, build them with great passion.
Yet the most awaited moment is the historical Getto, when tonnes and tonnes of sweets and chocolates are thrown on the crowd like rain. If you have already filled your hands, pockets and bag, the prendigetto can be of great help - this decorated cardboard cone is used as a container to grab as many sweets as possible.
This truly magical atmosphere would not be the same without the right soundtrack. The carnival is in fact always accompanied by the "Musica Arabita" band. This particular musical complex emerged in the early twentieth century and since then it has kept the soul of the event alive with alternative musical instruments such as pots, combs and lids. Traditionally, their float closes the show.

The Fano Carnival is one party within another. Anticipating the classic parades, every morning there is the Children's Carnival: from 10 AM the little ones will enter for free and they will be able to see the famous floats close up and meet the master float builders.
Fun is also guaranteed for dog lovers. During the event, there is the Gran Can Can di Carnivale, a parade of masked dogs, accompanied by their owners. The winner of the competition is the dog-owner pair dressed in the most similar way.

The Fano Carnival has been a party out of the ordinary for centuries, allowing you to be a kid again for at least a few days a year. Enjoy a fabulous experience and don't miss out on a single piece of piece of candy!

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