landscape of Valle Camonica

The excellent strategic position has made Darfo Boario Terme a place of extreme importance both from a military and commercial point of view. Since ancient times it was a place of passage, just think of the unique and magical rock engravings in the area. Also known for its spa and therapeutic waters, the town lies at the confluence of the Dezzo river and the Oglio river, which originates in Alta Valle Camonica. The City of Darfo Boario Terme is a synthesis of all these treasures of art, nature and health, with its peculiarity linked to the thermal waters for which it is known in Italy and in Europe: a city to be known, appreciated and enjoyed.


Numerous populations and different ethnic groups have passed through these areas, each leaving their own mark. Precisely the signs, the rock engravings, are one of the main poles of attraction of Valle Camonica. Mysterious and magical, they are the testimony of the passage of man in these parts thousands of years ago. A direct link between what we were and what we are, a unique way to rediscover our past.
Set in a natural setting of great beauty, the Municipal Park of Luine is one of the most extraordinary sets of rocky surfaces engraved in the world (over 120), from the Upper Paleolithic (13,000 years BC) to the whole Iron Age. UNESCO site since 1979, it is unique in its kind due to the presence of settlements and engravings in the same place. But it is in good company, in fact also the archaeological area of ​​the "Corni freschi" and the Monticolo are rich of signs of the past. An experience not to be missed.


Visiting Darfo Boario Terme you will encounter several fascinating, ancient and modern architectural buildings. The Sanctuary of the Madonna degli Alpini, represents the most original example of twentieth century sacred architecture in Valle Camonica. Dedicated to the memory of those killed in the Russian countryside, the church joins an ideal route to the city's Alpine Museum.
In addition to the churches, Darfo Boario Terme is full of castles such as Gorzone and Montecchio. The castle of Gorzone is the only one in the whole Camonica Valley to have remained completely intact. The structure stands on a rocky spur for its ancient military function. Over the years, however, it has become a stately home complete with a large park to be seen.
Instead of the castle of Montecchio there is only the base of a tower and a vaulted cellar with traces of frescoes. Once it had a strategic function: it controlled the bridge that connected the two banks of the river. Today it has become an evocative place where you can take great photos.


Besides the fascinating rock carvings and the magnificent architectural structures of Darfo Boario Terme, nature offers numerous opportunities for those who love walking or mountain biking. For example, the trekking trail "Between vineyards and olive trees" crosses the territories of Darfo Boario Terme, Angolo Terme and Piancogno and offers the visitor a naturalistic panorama of great beauty. Along the way you will also cross a real canyon that will leave you speechless.

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